Now, let’s get down to it: tasting! White and red wines, organic wines, bubbly, Passito and Vermouth: the CasalFarneto family is growing every day and we are sure you will find the perfect wine for you. Take a tour of the winery and choose the tasting you like best, paired with appetizers and local products. Just make a reservation, we are waiting for you.

Visiting the winery will only make you even more curious to taste our wines.
This is it! It's time to sample Verdicchio!

Worthwhile experiences and opportunities that will help you learn more about our land, become a special memory to bring back home. Visit the winery together with our sommeliers and go up to the terrace where you can see the vineyards from above. Finally, finish off the tour in the barrel room and Bacchus room for a tasting of our wines.

All tastings include a tour of the winery and vineyard of about an hour.

a journey into Verdicchio... and beyond

4 wines, with paired appetizers:#Primo Verdicchio, Fontevecchia, Grancasale, Cimaré.

We start off with our leading wine, Verdicchio, to get to know each other better. Then, we go on to a Primo Verdicchio Charmat method sparkling wine, followed by the tradition of Fontevecchia, a typical Verdicchio that is a must in order to appreciate our winery, to continue on to Grancasale, our custom Verdicchio. We conclude the tasting with Cimaré, DCO Rosso Piceno, a modern, elegant and very pleasant wine.

Winery tour upon request.

€ 15 / per person

May be paired with a platter of typical products €10 / per person

between tradition and innovation...

5 wines, with paired appetizers:
“Classic Method” Primo, Grancasale, Crisio, Cimaio, 8 Borghi or Merago.

After telling you about “the beginning,” we will show you how we have grown and offer you the selection of our most important wines. Grancasale, Crisio and Cimaio are a part of our tradition. Crisio, a very elegant Verdicchio, is a modern and international sensory journey. Primo symbolizes change, a Classic Method brut, with a versatile and persistent bubble yet with a full-bodied and delicate tone. Not to forget, the 8 Borghi red wine of remarkable structure, which is soft and strong at the same time.

Winery tour upon request.

€ 20 / per person

May be paired with a platter of typical products €10 / per person

the stars, the best wines in our ‘team’…

6 wines, with paired appetizers: Grancasale, Crisio, Cimaio, 8 Borghi, Ikon, Vermouth.

With this tasting we reach for the stars, showing you our award-winning “team” par excellence. Among them, our top pick: Cimaio. It is a wine of great structure, made from Verdicchio grapes attacked by “noble rot,” from which it draws a unique flavor. Cimaio is precisely the “cima,” (peak) the very essence of CasalFarneto, strength that comes from time and perseverance. Lastly, we will surprise you by introducing you to our Vermouth.

Winery tour upon request.

€ 25 / per person

May be paired with a platter of typical products €10 / person

all our verdicchios...

6 wines, with paired appetizers:
Primo Verdicchio, Fontevecchia, Grancasale, Crisio, Cimaio, Red or White Vermouth.

All the “excellence” of our Verdicchio production, to amaze you and leave behind the most beautiful memory of our land…

Winery tour upon request.

€25 / per person

May be paired with a platter of typical products €10 / person


A tailor-made

Would you like
a special tasting just for you?

An exclusive experience immersed in the Marche countryside? A special menu paired with a winery tasting? Then, look no further: our “tailor-made” tasting is just for you, to be personalized based on our proposals.

Price upon request.
Minimum of 10 people.
Winery tour upon request.